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Our vision

Maths is fun! Not a phrase uttered too often, but one that will become heard far more frequently if we have our way.

What’s less debatable is that maths is an important life skill. Moreover, our current education system places an inordinate focus on numeracy and literacy. While most parents know full well that talking to and reading with their children will help to boost literacy, beyond some basic counting many are left nonplussed by the numerical side of things.

At Totting Up we incorporate maths into sensory play, art, music, stories and a range of other entertaining activities designed to help your child develop numeracy skills that will make them confident learners when they begin the formal curriculum from age 5. The sessions are designed to keep children engaged and active throughout with a mixture of short, fast paced activities and free play. Each week we introduce themed activities to stimulate the children’s interest. Every session is different. We also present parents with ideas and resources to continue learning at home. But, above all, our aim is to make maths FUN!